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In our stressful busy daily life, we often have no energy left for deeper meaningful conversation with your loved one.  Or we might want to avoid the talk as it can be too triggering.  However we all long for deeper connection.  This program will help you establish the stable foundation so that we feel safe to heal your relationship and bring back the harmony.  

We use deep relaxing trauma-sensitive meditation iRest® which is a perfect tool for you to calm the nervous system, and helps you establish the unshakable ground of being.

With that sense of stability, we feel more available for the Imago dialogue which helps to transform conflict into an opportunity to grow and heal. Using structured Imago Dialogue, couples learn to communicate in a safe, effective, positive way.  I am here to navigate you through the process safely.

This coaching program is also helpful for who suffers from trauma and anxiety.



1 x 30 分間の初回コンサルティング  

4 x 90 分間  プライベートセッション(イマゴセラピー&アイレスト瞑想) -2週間毎のセッションです

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